Film/TV Composer:
We all know this can mean a lot of different things.
I regularly work on projects with a variety of styles, genres and budgets.
- Large budget features with full orchestra
- Medium budget features with instrument library/live orchestra hybrid
- Small budget features with virtual instrument libraries
- Short film projects of any length and budget
Every project is different, every situation is different, I'm flexible.

Documentary Composer:
- Original music composed and produced for any length and budget

Orchestrator for practically anything:
Over the years, I have orchestrated many different kinds of projects
- A ten-song CD project for a professional classical singer
- Many feature-length and short films (live instrumentation or software libraries)
- Quite a few musicals (live pit orchestras and pre-recorded tracks)
- Live shows in Pigeon Forge, UCLA, the UK, etc.
- Movie Trailers
- Christmas Shows
- Children's CDs
I realized several years ago that I love doing this so much, that it doesn't really matter if I am the composer or not. I love collaborating with other composers and to create orchestrations and productions we all love!

Composer for Musicals:
Aside from working on films, I love musical theatre.
I have gone to shows for years, but I never imagined that I'd actually be working on them myself.
My very first freelancing job was working on a show in NYC, and I've been hooked ever since.
Since then, I have held just about every position you can have in a musical department for a show.
- Music copyist (sheet music transcription from audio/lyrics)
- Vocal arranger (making things work for singers in the real world)
- Orchestrator (everything from a 20-piece live pit to tracks created in my studio)
- Musician (I've played keys in the pit)
- Music Director (I've conducted live shows, led rehearsals and run readings)
- Arranger (taken the song ideas from others, pulled everything together, and made it all work)

Music Director:
I am a Music Director with experience conducting choirs, orchestras and soloists.
Most recently, I was the music director and conductor of a major musical that debuted in Jackson, WY.
And I am the music director for a national Christmas tour for professional recording artist, Aaron Shust.

Jingle/Commercial Writer:
I've produced commercials for a variety of clients.
30-second spots to longer promotional videos.
In 2014, I wrote a 4 minute spot for a toy company that debuted at Comic-Con, so that's cool.

Music Copyist:
I actually create a good bit of sheet music work for individuals and publishing companies.
I mostly work in Finale, a little Sibelius
- Typesetting for publishing companies
- Music prep for shows and musicals
- Single song transcriptions from audio